Why SCD Antibacterial Foam?  

• PH rate is 5.5.

• Contains moisturizing cream.

• Aromatized with permanent perfume.

• After using the WC, you need to wash your hands for 6 (six) times to free your hands from the bacteria and microbes formed up in the WC. Washing your hands with antibacterial disinfecting cream hand washing foam for only one time will be sufficient.

• Antibacterial disinfecting cream hand washing foam presses 0.5 g per press. One press comes out as cream hand washing foam by means of a dispenser and embedded devices and is enough for one wash.

• Each press of a liquid soap is 2.5 g.

• It is (5) five times cost effective than liquid soap.

• A 500 g liquid soap gives about 200 presses. 

• Antibacterial disinfecting cream hand washing foam has a (1000) thousand presses. 

• Thanks to its fast rinsing, it reduces water consumption for rinsing.

• One kg of Antibacterial disinfecting cream hand washing foam is equivalent to about 4 to 5 kg of liquid soap.

• Its dispenser and embedded device options conform to all places.

• Prevents formation of bacteria in your hands.

• Does not contains any irritating material that forms darkness on the skin (Viscosity).

• Does not contain hazardous Nitrosamines and Formaldehydes.

• Thanks to its antibacterial specification, it is effective against skin fungi.

• Does not cause allergy and prevents inflammation making bacteria in wound cuts and scars to settle in the skin.



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